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The published editorial content of the Hydrodynamica Project features the work of John Elwell, Richard Kenvin, Andrew Kidman, Cher Pendarvis along with photography by Ryan Field, Scott Sullivan, Patrick Trefz and others. The work represents a collaborative effort to put the story of legendary surfboard designer Bob Simmons into a relevant contemporary and historical context. Beginning with John Elwell’s classic piece, The Enigma of Simmons, published in the Surfer’s Journal in 1994, the articles reveal, piece by piece, the story of Simmons and the Planing Totems.

Understanding of Simmons and his work was extremely limited prior to the publication of these articles. The content shown here has fostered an entirely new point of view on the legacy of Simmons and the connections between his planing hull boards and the finless traditional boards of ancient Hawaii, illuminating their role in the evolution of the surfing and skateboarding subculture.

For Kenvin, surfing is an armature on to which he welds his deepest beliefs. Primary among those? The inspirational intelligence and applied creativity of surfing pioneer Bob Simmons. Science based planing hulls, an advancement of Hawaiian sliding theory, a San Diego connection: everything that gets RK pulsing. Each of Richard’s pieces for TSJ represents another volume of research and documentation for his slow boiling Hydrodynamica film project. Kenvin is about serious fun. Playland with consequence and historical chain of custody.
- Scott Hulet, Editor, The Surfer’s Journal
Volume 19 No. 5, September 2010
The Enigma of Simmons Remember the Future Square One Keel Hauling