Ekstrom Finless


Carl Ekstrom grew up during Simmons’ time at Windansea in the late Forties and early Fifties. He has worked on surfboards since 1952. As a boy he sat with Bob Simmons on the beach at Windansea and paid close attention to what he said. Carl cites Simmons as a major influence who encouraged him to think outside the box, advice that has served Ekstrom well in his career as an industrial designer.

Carl is the inventor of the asymmetric surfboard and snowboard. His asymmetric Surfboard designs helped inspire Bear Mirandon to create a dual finned, split-tailed surfboard, the Twin Pin, in 1967. A dedicated futurist, Carl has been on the cutting edge of finless board design for artificial standing waves.

Recently he has been combining his finless concepts with alaia plan shapes, as well as building a super-paipo, designed by Hawaiian legend Buffalo Kealuana. Carl provides the project with a dynamic link between surfing’s past, present, and future.