The Hydrodynamica Mini Simmons

The original Simmons-inspired planing hull. 100% handcrafted in San Diego, California.

Bob Simmons experimented with short planing hull designs over sixty years ago. Dormant for half a century, these ancestral Simmons designs were brought back to life by the Hydrodynamica Project in 2003. Dimensions for the Hydrodynamica Mini Simmons were taken directly from John Elwell’s dual-keel Simmons planing hull (built by Simmons for John in 1950 in Imperial Beach). The Hydrodynamica Mini Simmons is a true Simmons planing hull design: wide, flat, fast and FUN. Intentionally unmodified but for some slight modernizations.

Hand shaped by Jon Wegener in San Diego.

Glass-on fins only. Premium half-inch thick double foil Baltic birch marine plywood keels hand made in San Diego by master craftsman and fin designer Larry Gephart. Made exclusively for Hydrodynamica.

Contact: rk [at]