Richard Kenvin, La Jolla, 2007
Richard Kenvin, Ekstrom Asymmetric Planing Hull, 2019
Photo: Jon Foster

The Ekstrom

Asymmetric planing hull

The original asymmetric planing hull, designed by Richard Kenvin and Carl Ekstrom. Carl Ekstrom has been designing and building asymmetric surfboards since 1965. Asymmetry helps loosen the heel side rail of a planing hull by allowing for more curve which creates a shorter, more maneuverable board on the heel side. The toe side rail is long and straight with a single keel for drive, giving powerful projection off the bottom while the curved heel side allows for tight arcs off the top. Fin set up is simply as a dual keel or a fish style keel fin on the toe side with a quad set up on the heel side. The Ekstrom asymmetric planing hull is a dynamic and functional board with a ride all its own.

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The Hydrodynamica Ekstrom
Photo: Ryan Field
Maestro Ekstrom
Carl Ekstrom, Windansea, 2009. Photo: Patrick Trefz