Richard Kenvin, La Jolla, 2007
Richard Kenvin, Mexico, 2016
Photo: Chris Gentile

The CyberSim

Tri-finned planing hull

Hydrodynamica test pilots Daniel Thomson and Richard Kenvin designed the CyberSim. It is a scaled down and modernized version of the original hydrodynamic planing hull created by Bob Simmons in the 1940s. The CyberSim is a versatile high performance modern planing hull made with state of the art XTR materials.

RK and I have been working on a new model, the CyberSim (21st century adaptation of Bob Simmons’ original designs) for release under the Hydrodynamica Project. The CyberSim is an ultra modern planing hull design. Epoxy lamination over extruded closed cell foam core by XTR for maximum performance positivity.
- Daniel “Tomo” Thomson, August 2012

The CyberSim features an XTR extruded closed cell foam core with epoxy lamination done by the expert team at Javier Huarcaya’s Epoxy Pro facility in San Diego. Javier is a lifelong surfer and board builder with a degree in industrial engineering. He has been on the cutting edge of perfecting extruded closed cell/epoxy surfboard construction since 1986.

Closed cell foam has excellent flex characteristics as does epoxy lamination. Javier spent twenty years developing a proprietary custom epoxy resin formulation specifically for use on his trademarked XTR extruded closed cell foam. He also developed an ingenious ThermoVent process (patent pending) to prevent delamination. Javier’s epoxy resin has optimal characteristics for lightness, strength, flexibility, and clarity. His resin formula doesn’t include any toxic solvents, and XTR extruded closed cell foam is impervious to water absorption and very resistant to impact and compression. The result is a greener surfboard with superior performance. XTR extruded foam has a brilliant uniform whiteness.

We offer the following options in XTR, presented in order of flex and strength:

Maximum flex
XTR SL Stringerless with 2” Blue High Density center strip. Excellent flex with more strength. Small to medium size surf.
Medium flex
XTR Carbon Kevlar Stringerless with 2” Blue High Density center strip and carbon fiber - Kevlar applied over center deck and bottom for strength. Versatile, strong, user friendly performance. Small to medium size surf.

In general, the more flexible boards have less strength and are preferable for high performance in smaller waves. More rigid boards are better for bigger surf.

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The Hydrodynamica CyberSim
Photo: Jon Foster